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Escuela Británica:
Kindergarten through grade 11, classes half in English, half in Spanish.
Apdo. 8184-1000 San José, Costa Rica. Tel: 506- 220-0131    Fax: 506-232-7833;  
Website: .   British School
British School Located at the end of the Boulevard de Rohrmoser

Lincoln School:
Pre-kindergarden through grade 12 with classes in English.
Apdo. 1919, San José, Costa Rica. Tel: 506-235-7733, Fax: 506- 236-1706
Follows the Costa Rican academic year.

American International School:
Pre-kindergarten through grade 12. Classes taught in English, U.S. style education.
Apdo. 4941-1000, San José, Costa Rica.   Tel: 506- 239-0974;   Fax: 239-0625    E-mail: .
Follows the U.S. school year.

Country Day School:
Kindergarten through grade 12 in Escazú.
Apdo. 8-6170, San José, Costa Rica.
Tel: 506- 289-8406;   Fax: 506-228-2076
E-mail:     Website .
Country Day School   
Follows the U.S. school year
Country Day School Guanacaste:
This new branch of the Country Day School offers a curriculum similar to the main campus in Escazú. Since the school is located near Flamingo a surfing class in available for high school students.All subjects are taught in English except for Spanish.   Future boarding facilities are being considered.
Tel: 506 654-5042,   Fax: 506 654-5044, 
Website: .  
Colegio Metodista:
Kindergarten through grade 12.Classes in English and Spanish.
Apdo. 931-1000, San José, Costa Rica. Tel: 506-225-0655
Fax: 506-225-0621.
The European School:
Pre-kindergarten through 6.  
Apdo. 177, Heredia, Costa Rica.  
Tel: 506- 261-0717;   Fax: 506- 261-0718,
Website:   European School
Follows American School Year
Liceo Franco-Costarricense:
Classes in French, English and Spanish. Concepción de Tres Ríos.
Tel: 506- 279-6616;   Fax: 506-279-6615;

Saint Mary's:
Pre- kindergarten through Grade 6, Classes in English, and Spanish.
Apdo. 229-1250, Escazu, Costa Rica.   Tel: 506-228-2003. 

Saint Joseph's Primary School:
Pre-school through grade 6, classes half in Spanish, half in English
Apdo. 132-2150, Moravia, Costa Rica.   Tel: 506- 235-7214. 

Colegio Internacional SEK Costa Rica:
Grades 7 through 10.
Apdo. 963, 2050 San Pedro, Costa Rica.
Tel: 506- 224-3136   Fax: 506- 253-9762;

Colegio Humboldt:
Kindergarten through grade 12. Classes half in German, half in Spanish.
Apdo. 3749, San José, Costa Rica.
Tel: 506- 232-1455;   Fax:  506-232-0093;

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